In addition to classic travel programs, we also produce reports and documentaries. Often the reports have a tourist focus. However, since our editorial team has a news background, we also create complete programs on politics, business and culture. Below are some examples at a glance.

"High spirits instead of poverty"

Success stories from Elandsdoorn

2022: The township of Elandsdoorn in the Republic of South Africa: This is where Hugo Tempelman, a doctor, established the Ndlovu Care Group. An aid organization that focuses on people and their personal development. What the aid organization, which has been supported since 2007 by the Hugo Tempelman-Foundation from Berlin, has achieved since its founding is breathtaking and exemplary in South Africa. What once began as a small day clinic has now become an organization that sustainably improves the lives of the black population with well over 300 well-trained employees in numerous medical fields and social projects. We took a look behind the scenes at the Ndlovu Care Group and the Hugo Tempelman-Foundation. The resulting report is a stocktaking of the daily commitment and an impressive proof that economic and social development in Africa can very well be possible and successful.

"A life without AIDS and poverty"

Hugo Tempelman & South Africa's children

The AIDS rate in South Africa is persistently high. The situation is particularly dramatic for children whose parents have died of the immune disease. Even infected with the virus, many have little chance for the future. The doctor Hugo Tempelman has made it his life's work to change this. In the township of Elandsdoorn in the northeast of South Africa, he has started his work for these children. It began with a small medical practice in 1994. He now runs a hospital and will soon open the fifth school he has built. But he does not only see the medical treatment and care of the sick as his task. With numerous social programs and infrastructure projects, he and his employees have succeeded in significantly improving the lives of the black rural population. For example, the sports and leisure center he built has reduced the local crime rate by around 70 percent.


Tough First Steps Into The Dream Job

For many young people, the hotel business is a field in which they hope to find their dream job - travelling around the world, getting to know people, learning new languages, plus the chance of ending up in permanent employment. But there are two sides to the coin. You have to show flexibility and strong commitment and you have to be prepared to work at night and at weekends as well as on holidays,  if required. However, many young people are still attracted by the different job opportunities in this sector. The report shows the tough selection criteria behind the scenes and the difficult path which hopefully leads to success.

"Mandela’s Heirs"

A Young Democracy Goes Its Own Way

In 1994 the Apartheid regime in South Africa came to its definite end when Nelson Mandela was elected the first black president. Even before, German politicians from different parties advocated against the racial segregation. The black majority then acquired the political responibility after centuries of white opression. The report shows South Africa today and looks back at important stages of the country’s transition, presenting many contemporary witnesses and active Apartheid opponents from Germany and South Africa.

"Ring Of Fire"

A Sea Trip To A Solar Eclipse

On October 3rd, 2005, a very special solar eclipse occurred, which in Europe can only be seen again in 2028. During a so-called annular solar eclipse the moon moves in front of the sun and only leaves its outer edges visible. This could only be seen from a certain spot in the Mediterranean Sea. The report “Ring of Fire” documents a special sea trip for hobby astronomers who observed the spectacle. They were accompanied by experts who observed, recorded, but also explained what was going on – among them the German astronaut Ernst Messerschmidt.

"Masse und Klasse"

Only The Best For The Guests

Behind the scenes, kitchens of large hotels are pretty similar to canteens. But what does it look like in top hotels, which still have to cater for 500 guests or more?  “A la Carte” service instead of buffet, cloth- instead of paper napkins – how can mass and class be combined? This report takes a look behind the scenes of a five-star-hotel, accompanies the chef to the market in the early morning, and observes various members of the hotel staff in their effort to guarantee that there is only the best for the guests.

"Vom Reißbrett zum Startschuss"

A Luxury Hotel Is Put Up

At the beginning was a piece of land and a natural beach section near Belek, on the south coast of Turkey. There, according to the will of the TUI Group, a new hotel complex was to be built, with everything that goes with it: spacious open spaces, a pool area, beach access, restaurants, wellness oasis and so on. blue planet tv observed the planning and construction work, but also the training of service personnel. The project succeeded, literally at the last minute. The planned opening date could be adhered to. But prior to opening the hotel, builder, architects, workers, craftsmen and consultants had reached their limits. A long-term reportage!

"Abenteuer China"

Opportunity and Thread in China

China is not only the “factory of the world”.  The country also tries to play an important global role in the service sector. Experts estimate that, in the long term, China will overtake India in the IT sector. Chinese “Silicon Valleys” pop up in many parts of the country. The industry can rely on 500,000 experts graduating annually from the universities. German companies are also taking advantage of China’s new potential. We accompanied two German medium-sized businesses on their adventure in China.

"¿Habla español?"

New Trend: Language Learning Trips

To learn a language in the country where it is spoken – travel businesses have achieved astonishing growth in this sector. In the past it was mainly pupils wanting to improve  their language skills during the holidays who required this sort of travel service. Today an increasing number of people travel to other countries in order to learn languages during their stay to advance their careers or assure their positions. This report highlights the methods of the new trend “Language Learning Trips” and shows the advantages of learning a language abroad.


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