Armin Rohde

The shooting with the blue planet crew in Australia was a lot of fun. They've always had a very professional attitude and working with them was a great experience. I am already looking forward to new common projects."

Michael Roll

„My shootings with the crew of blue planet tv in Portugal, Taiwan, Florida, Japan and Poland have given me a lot of fun - especially, when spontaneous stories were professionally developed and implemented on the spot. As an actor, it was also an interesting experience for me to slip into the role of TV presenter or interviewer."

Daniel Rösner

„Discovering the world through adventure has always been my biggest inspiration in life. Through the great cooperation with blue planet and the fantastic crew, it has been possible for me to get to know and report about some of the most wonderful places on earth, very close to people and nature. To bring a piece of the world closer to the people at home watching TV and to take them on an unforgettable journey is one of the most beautiful ways to work. That's why I'm always looking forward to joint projects and more exciting adventures."

Nina Ruge

„I am incredibly curious - that's why I am a journalist. AND I am addicted to harmony when I work in a team. During the shooting with blue planet in Macao I was able to follow my curiosity – with a supernice and really professional team. So: EVERYTHING WAS GREAT, and I was happy. The most important thing, however, is that we want to make the audience happy, rather than ourselves. We gave our best, so that the essence of „My Macao“ and all its facets are reflected in the documentary. If needed, I am of course available for future productions.

Clemens Schick

I went to South Africa with the blue planet team to cover the work of Hugo Tempelmann. The result has become a very moving documentary that would not have been possible without the wonderful work of blue planet. Thanks a lot for this. I hope we reach a lot of people with this film."

Katharina Schubert

„Singapore was a great experience. It was my first visit to Asia and it was perfect as an introduction - you could describe it as  "Asia light". I loved working with the team and we had a lot of fun! I was lucky to travel with the people from blue planet, who know a lot about the country. They were perfectly prepared. After presenting Wolfsburg together, I am already looking forward to the next trip with them."

Sophie Schütt

„Every time anew I fall in love with this beautiful state of Western Australia. Together with the blue planet team, I have been able to discover my second adopted home in a completely new way for me. The beautiful and funny cooperation makes the many events of by now three common productions even more intense."

Sigmar Solbach

„As a passioned globetrotter I was honored and - as it turned out - a delight as well to discover the vastness of Siberia and South Australia with blue planet. The team of blue planet contributed a lot: Due to the effort of the team I never felt as if I would work while filming. In fact it felt like a trip with some friends, having a great time and a lot of fun together. It is no suprise that I can imagine more tours like this and I secretly have some special dream destinations already..."

Sebastian Ströbel

„Israel! A country that moves, stirs up and certainly leaves nobody indifferent. Israel! This is a place full of energy, history and stories, raw beauty, cradle of cultures, a melting pot of cultures. Israel! I was allowed to travel with Wieland and his team and somewhat comprehend this country! Thank you for an unforgettable experience and this broadening of mind! And another thank you for the interesting journey to Liechtenstein."

Jasmin Tabatabai

„Our trips to Malaysia and Florida with the team of blue planet have been really unforgettable trips for me and my family. Dreamlike beaches, endless tea fields, exciting cities - they provided us with an interesting insight into different cultures. It was fantastic to get to know those wonderful countries with you. And: We did not only have lots of fun in front of the camera, but also enjoyed a miraculous and entertaining time backstage. Thank you very much and all the best for your future trips!"

Gila von Weitershausen

„In my long acting career I have already had the possibility to make some amazing journeys. However, the trip to Thailand with the blue planet team was something extraordinary. I didn't play a role as usual and I could keep it quite personal with the country, the people and the nature. With the very professional team this trip became an exciting and funny time of which I have only the best memories. Simply a dream vacation.“

Falk Willy Wild

„The shootings in Cyprus, Trentino, on the island Föhr and in Croatia were great. A big thank you to the ever cheerful and very professional team. I hope that through this show the audience will be as fascinated with these destinations as the dream team and I have been."


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