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Wieland Scharf

The founder of blue planet, Wieland Scharf, initially worked as Berlin correspondent for the Pro7 predecessor Eureka and as GDR correspondent for SAT.1. He then helped to establish and advance the news channel n-tv in a leading position as director in charge of planning and programme purchase. At n-tv he also founded the editorial office for travel and tourism in autumn 1993, together with two colleagues, and started the magazine “n-tv Reise” in January 1994. Already in March 1994 the news coverage from the International Tourism Fair ITB Berlin was added, where Wieland Scharf was responsible for the live reporting in daily fair journals from the world’s largest travel fair each year. During that time he also intensified his comprehensive contacts in the travel and tourism industry.

After n-tv moved to Cologne, Wieland Scharf founded the production company blue planet tv production GmbH in March 2005. Due to a general agreement blue planet covers all slots relating to travel and tourism in n-tv’s programme. Furthermore, Wieland Scharf has worked as a lecturer for TV programme planning at Berlin University of the Arts from 1999 until 2013.

He is a member in the VDRJ and CTOUR.

Email: wscharf[at]


Lydia Roeber

As head of the PR agency »Lydia Com« Lydia has a lot of experience in customer service, not only in the tourism industry. Before she started her career in the PR business she worked as a reporter for n-tv´s travel department.

Since the beginning of blue planet tv she is responsible for various productions, e. g. the production “n-tv Traumreisen – Kreuzfahrt Neuenglandstaaten und Island” and in 2008 she was responsible for the n - tv Dream Destination Kenya.

She is also a member in the CTOUR.

Email: lroeber[at]


Michael Stroh

Travelling in general, especially South Africa, has always been his passion. Since autumn 1992 together with other journalists and technicians Michael Stroh built up n-tv, the first German tv news channel. Together with Wieland Scharf he formed the n-tv travelling department in spring 1993.

Later, his journey took him to Bonn, as a member of the n-tv parliament editorial staff. Further, he also worked for the n-tv economic department , as well as in the editorial office for new media. At the same time he worked as Day Chief editor at n-tv and developed new program ideas.

However, after n-tv moved to Cologne 2004, he came back to Berlin. Since then, Michael Stroh has been working for blue planet tv as an editor and director in a broad variety of productions.

Email: mstroh[at]


Arno Canzler

Arno Canzler studied communication science at the Technical University of Berlin. At blue planet he works as a freelance cameraman and studio engineer. For many years Arno has been involved in a large number of n-tv travel productions and therefore he has been to all five continents more than just once.

As a cameraman, he has significantly shaped nearly all “This is my ...” productions with celebrities. Furthermore, he has gained extensive experience in the production of image films and footage material while working on many TUI productions.

Since several years and together with sound engineer Sven Fackler Arno  specialised on so called "unmanned air vehicles" (camera drones). Those drones were used in 2014/2015 during filming at the Mekong River and on Taiwan.

Email: acanzler[at]


André Schmidkte

André Schmidtke has been a cameraman for more than 13 years and already has worked for the n - tv editorial departement before the foundation of blue planet. During this time, he has worked for almost every German speaking broadcaster.  He received  his diploma as a cameraman in 1999.  

Since the very beginning of  our company’s existence we rely on his services. Today he is co-owner of "Bild und Ton Agentur" and he has worked for us as cameraman in many countries. He participated in the production of the special format “Mythos Hongkong” in 2003, 2006, 2009 as well as 2012 and travelled to the Caribbean and Africa for blue planet.

Email: redaktion[at]


Andreas Preußer

Andreas Preußer started his media career at Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk (MDR). He did his apprenticeship as a cameraman at n-tv, where he – like Wieland Scharf and Michael Stroh – already belonged to the team in the build-up-phase of the channel, before n-tv actually started to broadcast. He later became a member of staff.

While working for the news channel for about twelve years, he was often appointed to partake in travel productions and so gained ample experience for his present task.

After n-tv moved to Cologne in 2005 Andreas started his own business. Since then he has worked for several public and private TV channels and for blue planet as a freelance cameraman and studio engineer.



Sven Fackler

Being a qualified sound engineer, Sven Fackler worked as a technician for the German TV news agency DFA . He was based on outside broadcast vans (SNGs) for several years. Already then his work focused on providing services for n-tv. He then concentrated on EB productions. Among other things he went on a four-week-trip to Australia for n-tv in 2004. There he was responsible for the sound of the three-part-serial “This is my Australia”.

Sven has been responsible for the sound quality of all our important productions since the founding of blue planet tv. But Sven also works for other broadcasters. Together with Arno Canzler he specialised on camera drones and therefore he very often managed to deliver wonderful images from a bird's eye view.

Email: sfackler[at]


Klaus Wiesinger

Klaus Wiesinger > the voice < is a skilled journalist and has been doing this for almost 40 years now. He started his career as an anchorman in the primetime of DDR radio broadcasting. After the fall of the Berlin Wall he continued working as an anchorman and editor, but now for n-tv. In 1995 he became the head of a n-tv editorial departement, where he presented many broadcasts about health topics and wellness.

Since 2005 Klaus Wiesinger is working as a freelancing journalist as well as a narrator in radio plays and synchronisations. Since the foundation of blue planet he has contributed to a large number of productions.  Therefore, you can hear his narrating voice on many documentations and image videos. 

Email: kwiesinger[at]


Regina Scharf

Regina Scharf

Of course, a lot of preparation and paper work is necessary in order to ensure the realization of all those colourful features blue planet tv has produced since foundation.

As the manager of financial affairs, among other things, Regina Scharf makes sure that, despite often complicated arrangements, everything can happen according to schedule.

Email: rscharf[at]


Benjamin Mücket

Benjamin Mücket studied eBusiness at the BTU Cottbus. At blue planet he wants to broaden his knowledge in the technical area, particularly with regard to film editing. Amongst other things he is jointly responsible for the broadcast "Berlin NONSTOP" on TV Berlin. His IT skills and his passion for film editing go together very well at blue planet.




Johannes Westerkamp

"Pathways come into existence simply by using them": that's the credo of Johannes Westerkamp, head of Berlin based special tours operator Terra Incognita Tours. His motivation for working as tourguide and jounalist for many years is to do things differently and better than others, not to be restricted in one's own thinking, to leave beaten tracks, to discover "Neuland" and to think laterally. Johannes' and Wieland's paths crossed in nearly 1993 for the first time and ran clearly parallel the following twelve years at n-tv, the first German TV news channel, where Johannes worked at the planning desk and in the tour & travel department.

In 2011, he quit his job as Senior Editor to put a long-desired wish into action: to work as a tour guide and to offer extraordinary and unique tours. From this point of view, a life career from news editor to travel journalist really makes sense. Johannes Westerkamp strengthens the blue planet-team as freelancer, he is in charge of productions and is actively committed to the development of new business segments.

Email: jwesterkamp[at]


Pablo Gollmer Hidalgo

Pablo, is a new crew member of the blue planet filming team. A newcomer with spanish roots.

After a three year training to become a digital media designer and lots of internships, he worked with a couple camera crews. Reports and daily news topics for a variety of european tv channels: This was his life. Now he is working as a freelance Camera- and Soundassistant in Berlin. During the summer 2016 he came to blue planet and was send to South Africa for a shoot right away and did a very good job with that. When he is not behind the camera, he loves to take photos with his own camera to document the set life. As a cameraman he also shot a couple of music videos before.


Email: redaktion[at]


Manuel Hoffmann

From Sri Lanka's national parks into the big city jungle of Berlin: Manuel Hoffmann started to work for the Blue Planet TV editorial office in Berlin in June 2018. After four years of studying cultural sciences and after absolving several internships in the tourism industry - the most recent in a safari camp in Sri Lanka - Manuel wants to learn the ropes of working in the travel film industry. In recent years, his fascination for foreign cultures took him all over the world. As marketing employee in Canada, tourism student in Thailand or on numerous independently organised journeys to countries like India or Australia, he was able to learn a lot about foreign values and the art of intercultural communication. His new job in the editorial office of Blue Planet Tv helps him to integrate his passion in his everyday working life. His tasks range from regular office work to supporting the preparation and postprocessing of film material.