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This is my...

We produce this format for the news channel n-tv since 1998. Well-known actors and other celebrities present selected destinations and tell many exciting stories - in a very personal and charming way. In our overview you can find more information about our previous "This is my ..." episodes.

Anixe on Tour

In a punctually changed and slightly recut form, the TV broadcaster Anixe distributes our popular travel magazine. Under the broadcast title "Anixe on Tour" travel destinations as well as countries and people around the world are presented. On the Anixe website you will find all the information and dates for this successful format.


Amazon Prime - VIP Trip

Our format "VIP Trip - Celebrities on Tour" is also a modified version of our original format. The episodes are permanently available on the online platform Amazon Prime as "video-on-demand". Visit the associated website and benefit from travel tips, that usually can't be found in a travel guide!


TV Plus

The fourth distribution platform of our travel reports and documentaries.

In TV Plus's program section "Xplore" you will find our videos - already programmed - on all TVs from the manu-facturer SAMSUNG. Outside of that you will receive TV Plus on the platforms "waipu tv" and "dailyme". Further information about the program and station offer:

RNF on Tour

Our reports are now being broadcast on regional TV station Rhein- Neckar- Fern-sehen.

With these especially for "RNF on Tour" tailored travelogues, you will explore the most beautiful destinations. You will not only encounter famous features of the country and its people, but also discover places far from the usual tourist routes.


The format "VIP Trip - Celebrities on Tour" is broadcasted on the TV station eoTV.

For more information about the broadcasting times, please visit the category "On Air" on our website or eoTV's web page which is linked down below. There you can accompany the celebrities on their trips  to impressive travel destinations around the globe, either as a live stream or as a video on demand.

Rhein-Main on Tour

Our reports will also be broadcast on private television channel Rhein-Main TV.

Join actors and celebrities when they are going on tour in these for RMTV recut versions of our original documentaries. For more information about broadcasting dates please visit the category "On Air" or RMTV`s website:


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