Florian Fitz

It was a great pleasure for me to travel with Wieland and his blue planet crew to Malta to combine my passion - travelling - with my profession as actor. Producing travel documentaries was always a burning desire...and now I was lucky to work with such an awesome and patient team."

Eva Habermann

I always had a lot of fun with blue planet, it is also really a lot of work and rather little vacation, but the nice results show that it has been worth it. I´m looking forward to do more productions with blue planet.”

Jürgen Heinrich

„In spite of my long actor's career the blue planet´s project was quite a new and very exciting experience for me. During the shooting I already offered to do it again any time. I hope one day we all can manage that."

Steffen Henssler

„La Réunion - The island of get-together - is really worth a journey. The diversity of this island with beaches, tropical forest, volcano sceneries and mountain landscapes offers something for every taste. The blue planet-team and I had a lot of fun, at the shooting as well as behind the scenes. The cooperation shows great results and I have a good mind to do more travel projects with blue planet …“

Johann Lafer

„Everytime, travelling with the blue planet team is really something special for me! It means tension, great cooperation and getting to know charming people! One of my biggest passions is getting to know other cultures of the world. Especially for me as a chef, there are new culinary discoveries over and over again. I sincerely thank the blue planet team for amicable and professional production days!"

Hannes Jaenicke

(...) Travelling was and is my great passion. The nicest trips I have ever done were the shootings with the guys of blue planet in Australia, Hong Kong and New Zealand. It would be a dream to, one day , present my own TV-travel show beyond the common trails. Now therefore I am looking forward to the next cooperation and the new projects with blue planet."


Rainer Hunold

Travelling is one of my favourite things in life. I had a lot of fun during the two shootings in Australia with the blue planet team. As far as I am concerned it was a great combination of work and fun. I am already looking forward to working with blue planet again. These guys have great ideas."

Alexandra Kamp

„Me and and the blue planet crew, we had a lot of fun in Australia. The way we worked together was really nice and professional. This was the reason why we had excellent, if not extraordinary results. I am looking forward to new corporate projects."

Anja Kruse

„The production in Hong Kong with blue planet was an exciting experience. I have seen more than a normal tourist would and I have experienced another branch of profession (the presenter) - it was a big pleasure and I have learned a lot. The team was very nice - you don´t always get along with each other as well as we did at the shooting!"

Michaela May

„Rediscovering the Stubaital with blue planet was an exciting experience for me - to represent known places in a tempting way for the audience! This time as a travel reporter with a quick and flexible team. It was always a big pleasure - especially the new challenges in Australia: Western Australia and Northern Territory!!"

Norman Kalle

„The Emsland in the West of Lower Saxony, was the first german travel destination for blue planet tv. I was pleasantly suprised at the miscellaneousness of the program: It included every type of sports, culturell and historical backround informations, economy in its various characteristics from small local manufacturers to global corporation, culinary highlights and a lot nature! I think we all will keep this tour in fond memory; it was in spite of a quite tight filming workload not only interesting and diversified, but also a good adventure with the amazing crew of blue planet tv."

Richy Müller

„The expression 'You always meet twice' is really true and I am very glad about it. Otherwise, I wouldn't have got the opportunity to travel to Australia, Malaysia and Antarctica for getting to know so extraordinarily those incredible countries at the end of the world. Who I met the second time was Wieland Scharf, the producer, initiator, the heart and soul of 'This is my ...'. Where did we meet the first time? It happened in Berlin in the eighties, an extraordinary place during those days, too. I couldn't remember this meeting, but fortunately Wieland Scharf did. And I am really happy about that."

Valerie Niehaus

©Foto: Nadja Klier
©Foto: Nadja Klier

"Traveling with blue planet tv in Taiwan was varied and exciting and fascinating. With our tour bus we drove from the north to the south and our discussions brought us closer to the country and each other.



I enjoyed that very much and I'm grateful to have gotten this opportunity, because Asia is close to my heart and I want to know more and more about it. "

Tim Raue

„Together with the very professional blue planet tv team I had the delightful opportunity to rediscover my favorite destination Hong Kong"

Mirko Reeh

„Travelling and experiencing a country with you has been a very special job for me twice already. I really enjoyed your support and professional work in front and behind the camera.
Another film shooting with you? Over and over again with pleasure."



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