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Florian Fitz >> This is my Malta <<

Florian Fitz »This is my Malta«

It wasn´t always easy for Florian Fitz when shooting in Malta in 2016. Before his flight he suffered from an achilles tendon rupture, that turned out to be quite a handicap during the daily shootings. As a professional he handled the situation like a pro and so it was easy to reorganize according to the situation and the crew ended up taking a cart through the historic alleys instead of walking through them.

Florian Fitz is currently a very active actor on german TV. A lot of shootings for shows on public service broadcasting authorities as well as privately owned channels. "Das Traumschiff", SOKO Köln", "Inga Lindström" or "Alarm für Cobra 11": All these are productions that have an audience of millions of people.

Clip aus: »Das ist mein Malta«