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Richy Müller»This is my Sydney & Nature Coast«

Surely Richy Müller’s role in „Tatort“ contributed to the viewer’s association of him and crime films. However, his repertoire widely exceeds the crime genre. In “Das Arche Noah Prinzip”, a science-fiction-film, he works with the cult film director Roland Emmerich. Under the direction of Rob Cohen Richy Müller belonged to the cast of “Triple X”, aside from Samuel L. Jackson and Vin Diesel. With “Irren ist männlich” Richy Müller showed his comedic potential, in “Poll” he delivered a convincing performance within a piece about german-baltic contemporary history. During the blue planet-production in East Australia the team profited from Richy Müller’s passion for motorsports. A race on quad bikes above tremendous sand dunes of Stockton Beach was no big deal for him.

Clip aus: »This is my Sydney & Nature Coast«